What We Do

Whilst delivering products to our customers is what we do as a business, it is our desire to provide alternative multi-temperature services to meet the varying needs of our ever growing and diverse customer base that is at the forefront of our objectives.

Operating in the high volume retail sector of the foodservice market, Bidvest Logistics provides contracted services to clients requiring high levels of control and discipline in the supply of menus to their outlets.

Here are a few of the things we do:

Broadline Contract Distribution

If you want everything delivered on one truck, the freedom to choose products, regular timed deliveries and friendly, helpful, service-driven people to deal with, then we are a great fit.

Partial Contract Distribution

Not ready to fully consolidate just yet or waiting for contracts to end? Bidvest Logistics can offer bespoke solutions, tailor-made to meet your supply chain needs.

Tailored Logistics Solutions

We start with the assumption that all things are possible, and then see if we can find cost effective solutions to customer’s requirements. No two customers are the same, so neither are any of our solutions. What we endeavour to do is share synergies wherever possible to ensure your solution is cost effective as well as tailored.

Nationwide, Temperature Controlled Distribution

We work with manufacturers and suppliers who want to get smaller quantities of temperature controlled goods to customers on the high street on a daily basis. With our existing customer base, we have over 200 temperature controlled vehicles delivering daily to all Britain’s high streets

Reverse Logistics

We like reverse logistics and as we reach across the UK daily we make a great choice for manufacturers who need to get their goods to their own customers.

To do this we use state of the art technology, visit the Our Technology page to find out more.

Primary Distribution Management

We manage 900 suppliers and over 20000 pallets of stock into the depots every week.

Forecasting and Procurement

We work closely with our customers to make sure we have all the products they need available to them. Once our customer decides which product they want, we take over ensuring everything is done to see that we have the right product in the right place at the right time. This involves a high level of engagement with the customer and their suppliers to ensure the total supply chain delivers high levels of product availability by understanding all the influencing factors behind demand.

Bidvest Logistics have a huge amount of experience of managing stock replenishment which, when coupled with our warehouse management systems, delivers consistently high levels of service.

Client Relationship Management

At the heart of what we do are people and Bidvest Logistics prides itself on our ability to listen to our customers and our people in order to ensure their needs are met.

We have found that the best way of getting as close as possible to our customers and their suppliers is to have teams dedicated to individual customers.

So, from the point a customer joins Bidvest Logistics we have a team of people dedicated to ensuring their needs are met. This dedication makes it easy for us to communicate with each other which is a recipe for success in any partnership!

As you would expect from any leader in its field we have the best systems available to manage the communication flows between our Customers, our Suppliers and Bidvest Logistics; it’s that good it’s won awards.

Brand Development and Distribution

Working in partnership with NETWORK we are able to offer a fully rounded commercial, branding, and supply chain solution for new, innovative brands who are struggling with development and cashflow. Contact info@networkbrandgroup.com for more details.



Our Customers

We aim to provide the best service for our customers, performing with passion each and every day.
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