What We Do

We are completely unique in what we do and we are also incredibly proud of that fact.

Shared User Network

We operate the UK’s largest multi temperature, shared customer delivery network and we receive amazing reviews for the flexibility and exceptionally high service levels that we provide.  Our approach is simple; we want to be the best in everything that we do to deliver an outstanding customer experience.  This will ensure that we continue to be the partner of choice for temperature controlled, shared customer delivery logistics.

We buy, warehouse, pick and distribute products to thousands of the nation’s best loved brands each and every day.

This scale, combined with our unique capabilities, means we are able to provide exceptional service to ANY location in the UK.  We are proud to be the partner of choice for many of the UK’s best loved retail food and drink brands and our customers love the efficiency and service levels that sharing a distribution network brings – read on to find out more and check out our customer testimonials!

Talking of our unique capabilities, here’s what we do……

  • A shared delivery network with timed deliveries. We operate the UK’s largest shared delivery network by far, with total UK coverage – if you want to go there, we already go there.  Our customers really value the flexibility and efficiency that sharing space on our vehicles provides.
  • We manage our own network, we NEVER use sub-contractors. We manage our own depots. We run our own state of the art and fully compliant fleet. We employ our own people. We never use sub-contractors or sister company depots because we know our customers value the simplicity, responsiveness and exceptional service that being in full control of our own network provides.  We employ our own full time people, including a highly capable and experienced team of drivers.  Our customers value that our permanently employed and skilled drivers are taking care of their delivery.  Through our unique “rate your driver” app, we are able to incentivise our drivers to deliver an outstanding experience for your outlets!
  • “Dedicated stock, in dedicated locations. We deliver Industry leading stock availability by providing our customers with dedicated stock in dedicated locations.  This means you are in total control of your stock 24/7. We will never share your stock with other customers – we don’t believe in common stocking!
  • We deliver your frozen stock….. well, frozen! (the clue’s in the title on this one!). With multi temp capability there are no compromises on food safety or the risk of increased waste in your units. If you don’t have frozen capacity in your outlets, no problem.  We also offer a bespoke tempering service to allow your stock to be delivered defrosted.
  • We mitigate the risk of a total depot loss. We know that although rare, total depot losses can and do happen. We mitigate this risk by stocking all of our customers in multiple depots, giving you piece of mind that your business would not stop trading if we lost a depot 
  • We are a timed logistics expert, not a wholesaler and that’s what we do, very well. We we will never try to sell you anything.  Our customers value that we cost our service on a single case rate, no matter where you want it delivered and we do not make money out of selling you anything.
  • ONE consolidated delivery into your outlets…. It’s not uncommon for customers to have tens of deliveries each day. This can cause large disruption to your people and your customers.  We can provide you with one delivery, wherever and whenever you want it.  Our customers value that we can consolidate multiple suppliers into one delivery.  Packaging, drinks, alcohol, chilled, frozen, ambient, point of sale, uniforms and even live lobsters!  If you want it we can deliver it in one delivery, allowing your people to focus on delighting your customers and driving sales
  • Want the wholesale option? we can help, but we make no money from doing so! Through our sister company Bidfood we can provide you a wholesale option, many customers use this service to buy the tail of their product range and it is delivered directly to you as part of your main delivery. Our wholesale partner also fix their pricing for 6 months – this gives you the ability to forecast your finances much better with peace of mind that prices aren’t constantly changing
  • We are technologically advanced – we allow real time access to our systems so that you can have complete visibility of your end to end supply chain, 24/7. This includes state of the art vehicle location tracking and total visibility of the stock you have in the supply chain.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do and we do it really well.  Check out our testimonials and if you want to know more, feel free to contact us.


We are incredibly proud to operate a dedicated distribution service to the UK’s favourite and largest contemporary food to go retailer.  We deliver daily into every Pret store in the UK and France!  As Prets distribution partner we provide many of the services of the shared user network from a dedicated site in Hoddesdon.

Working with Pret is an absolute pleasure and we are incredibly passionate about what we do – this ensures we are able to support Pret in continuing to be the market leader in contemporary food to go!


PCL provides a dedicated delivery service to our largest customer, Arla.

Our Customers

We aim to provide the best service for our customers, performing with passion each and every day.
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