Social Responsibility

We love our customers, our employees and

Even by our very existence we are saving the planet. Without our combined delivery service our customers would have millions of deliveries from thousands of individual suppliers.

We have a number of great initiatives that help to make the world a greener place to live, and we will continually expand and update our work in this area

We are accredited to ISO14001 for environmental compliance and the key areas we cover are:

  • Refrigeration – the planet friendly way, utilising modern, well maintained plant and equipment
  • Vehicles – routed for the shortest possible distances, maximising the load per individual journey, environmentally friendly engines.
  • Fuel – Bio-diesel from used cooking oil
  • Lighting – utilising energy saving LED lighting in our warehouses
  • Waste Recycling – recycling our own packaging, and working with our customers to recycle their packaging and waste
  • Packaging Crates – distribution, and collection of re-usable packaging trays, greatly reducing the amount of packaging used in the supply chain and the subsequent impact on the environment
  • VOSA – Classification as a “Green Band Operator”
  • Donation of surplus food to local and national charities


Our Customers

We aim to provide the best service for our customers, performing with passion each and every day.
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