Our People

At Bidvest Logistics, our employees are the heartbeat of the company. Like any business that prides itself on great service, we need great people to deliver that service.

Whilst we utilise much of todays leading technology to be efficient and well informed, the ultimate test of our service is how our employees react to customers, suppliers and situations. We are always looking for passionate, motivated and dynamic people to join our business. If that’s you, and you feel you could make a contribution in one of the areas below then please see our ‘Careers’ section to look for current opportunities at Bidvest Logistics.

Warehouse Operations

We have a variety of roles in the warehouses that we operate including warehouse operative, fork lift truck driver, loader, and cleaner to name but some. Also a variety of management roles including team leader, supervisor and warehouse manager.

Transport Operations

We do over 10,000 deliveries a week, and we need a strong transport team to do this. We employ drivers, shunters, trunker drivers, shift managers and managers.

Teleorder, and Customer Service              

We love to keep our customers informed and happy so we employ lots of great people in teleorder and customer service roles, both operational and management.

Account Management

Keeping our customers happy is a full time job! And we have quite a few of them! Account managers and controllers handle the day to day and strategic development of the supply chain partnerships with our key customers.


We have over 300 suppliers and 900 product lines to manage so that keeps our team of planners and rebuyers fully employed.

Finance and Audit

Our sales are nearly £1billion, so that’s a lot of bills to pay and money to collect. We have an extensive and experienced finance team covering commercial accounts, payables, receivables, commercial analysis and other areas.

We also have a team focused on audit standards of our operations to ensure we are always the best we can be.


We have a lean and skilled IT team delivering 365/24/7 support to the business and continually developing our technology offering to a leading edge standard.


We employ over 1350 people and operate in a very intense environment. Our HR team ensure we always have the best people, well motivated, and operating safely.

Meet Our People

Below are a selection of profiles of some of our employees across our various departments.

Andrew Selley


Claire Sage

Business Development Controller

Michael Yeatman

Senior Warehouse Manager

Stuart Rose

Warehouse Operative – Freezer

Allen Franklin

Warehouse Operative – Freezer

Andy Cain

Senior Driver

Pargan Gill

Warehouse Operative – Dry/Chill

Pete Thornton

Business Improvement Manager

Roland Burrows

Warehouse Operative – Dry/Chill

Vicki Jones

Inbound Logistics Credit Investigator

Michael Baron

Operations Accountant

Lianne Blackman-Morrow

Tele Order & Customer Service Manager

Our Customers

We aim to provide the best service for our customers, performing with passion each and every day.
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